It was the fruit of hard work, for sure. Not the three weeks it took me to have this all built from zero. Why? Because it was not from zero.

I can say it took me months or, why not, 21 years to built this? My age. For sure I slept 1/3 of my life, and did some suffer some procrastination (ouch!). But at least a considerable time of my life I spent learning something. This is natural for all human beings, I hope.

But for a short answer (guess what? I'm only writing this to have something on the screen for the screen capture I'm about to do about this web service)... I can say: well, for the back-end part... It was built over a Zend Framework M-V-C scheme I've built for another web-site: Plifk. For the front-end I made use of the Yahoo! User Interface for some CSS tricks and JavaScript features.

It is hosted at Amazon Web Services and if you want to know more let me know, because it's enough text. Let me right another one, I still have to fake the timestamps so they look older!